Della Ray

Florence, Alabama.

Recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL, the debut single “Out Of My Head” (and “Flossie,” side B) is the world’s first formal introduction to Della Ray. Fronted by Adam Morrow (guitar player for John Paul White) and anchored by Natalie Jensen and Hayden Crawford,  the songs developed in the music rich climate of north Alabama with Single Lock Records compatriots.

 “The idea was just to have fun, indulge some of the sounds we all grew up listening to, and get it out into the world pretty quick,” says Morrow. “I bought an acoustic 12 string in Iowa City on tour, and these kind of fell out and into step with a 90s jangle pop, or 60s power pop. We got together one weekend and knocked it ('Out Of My Head') out in kind of an effort to not be precious, to just let it fly and see what happens.”

The music video releases Thursday June 22nd.  The two songs release to Spotify and iTunes on Friday June 23rd.

 “Flossie” was recorded and produced by Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes). Reed Watson played drums, Caleb Elliott cello. Tracked at Single Lock Studios.

 “Out Of My Head” was recorded at Portside Sound with Albert Rothstein and Jamie Sego. Hayden Crawford played drums.